about recking crew

we are not the next fitness fad

we're the fitness revolution.

welcome and please allow us to introduce ourselves.


[rek] verb

to have care, concern, or regard (often followed by of, with, or a clause)


[kroo] noun

a group of persons involved in a particular kind of work or working together

we help adults over 35, of all shapes, sizes, genders and fitness levels, achieve their personal fitness goals.

we are old school.

there are no magic pills, cleanses, detoxes or quick fixes here.
we build strong people the old fashioned way: education, discipline and hard work.

this is also the home of our members online training center.

members have 24 | 7 | 365 access to their customized programs, reports, assessment tools, nutrition calculator, progress tracking and more.

we are evidence based, which means we combine the best peer reviewed scientific data with validated anecdotal evidence to create personal training programs that get you to your goals.

good news for our clients who don't waste hours on a treadmill, trying exercises they aren't ready for or dropping entire food groups from their diet.


we build total fitness.

Physical Fitness. Intellectual Fitness. Emotional Fitness.

Each piece combined to form the whole, working in sync.

but, not everything stays in sync every day.


Today you’re on fire. Your energy level is high and your feel like you’re physically strong. You’re even in a great mood.

You’re golden. Everything is working in unison.

Tomorrow, you wake up a bit late, feel tired and a little bit physically sore from todays epic workout.

Your brain feels like it went on vacation and you feel kind of down in the dumps.

Tomorrow is not going to be as fabulous.

we get it.

Those “tomorrow” days are when you’re going to lean on us to keep on track, and we’ll be there to prop you up and keep you moving forward.

Our onboarding process is designed to give us a detailed picture of your short and long term goals as well as the right methods to keep you motivated yon those “tomorrow” days:

SMART+ Goal Setting

We add 5 additional dimensions to traditional S.M.A.R.T. goal setting

We ask you to look past the romantic mental image of your completed goal to uncover the real and potential obstacles that stand in your way.

Then we help you to navigate the real path, on a realistic timeline while continually progressing and ultimately reaching your goals. 

Online Motivational Questionnaire 

We don’t scream at clients to get them motivated.

We’re too old for that, and it’s simply not cool.

So knowing what gets you fired up and moving, without ever having to yell at you, is as or more important as knowing about any past injuries.

we provide the knowledge and the tools you will need to reach your & maintain your goals for llife.

this is who we are.

we push hard for our clients.

and now, we're here for you.

how do you want to reach your goals?