no more excuses

group personal TRAINing

up to 3 people working together with a personal trainer on a common goal.

not everyone wants to train by themselves.

it's not always easy to drag yourself to the gym, theres not as much fun and if nobody's knows if you skip today... who cares? Right?
big step. wrong direction.

if that's you, statistically, that will happen a few more times before you finally admit you give up and quit training.

It's hard to succeed when you have no accountability.

that's why we're proud to offer Group Personal Training 

plus Group Personal Training allows up to 3 people to work together with a personal trainer on a common goal, while sharing the cost per session

here's the top 5 benefits of Group Personal Training 


1. The biggest benefit group personal training offers is support.

When you take part in a group personal training program, you are ensuring that you have like-minded people to motivate you and a qualified leader to help you reach your fitness goals.  If staying motivated is a challenge for you, then a group personal training program will absolutely keep you going. 

Members of group personal training programs are often close friends who work hard and celebrate together. Sometimes it’s siblings.

We’ve even trained a mom and her adult twins!

2. Cost wise, you can't go wrong with a group personal training program.

Sessions are led by certified personal trainers, which means you get tailored coaching that approaches the level of attention you’d get during 1:1 sessions with a personal trainer.

But it costs much less!


3. You will push yourself harder in a group training setting.

A number of scientific studies have clearly shown that individual athletes lift a little more, run a little farther and focus a little more when training in a group.

We’re competitive by nature.

So let’s harness that.

The feeling you’ll get when you know you pushed yourself further than you thought possible will not only motivate you to repeat the process, it will translate into confidence in all other areas of your life.

4. Ready for quick results?

Group personal training programs typically incorporate variations of resistance training & high intensity interval training (HIIT). 

The combination of Resistance Training & HIIT training have been scientifically proven to be more effective and more efficient than traditional exercise programs for general strength and overall conditioning. 

We’re not playing games in here. 

Our goal is to change your life while you have a great time doing it!


5. It’s fun! Team training takes the torture out of serious workouts.

There is nothing like laughing with each other as you struggle through those last push ups or pant through the last few steps of a sled pull.

Don’t worry – we’re not going to torture you, but the reality is that any serious fitness work has moments of discomfort.  However, the distraction of having others around you, going through essentially the same thing, can quite often mean the difference between finishing with a smile on your face and not finishing at all.

If you are tired of the same old fitness routine or tired of your good intentions to get in shape leading absolutely nowhere, then a group personal training program might be exactly what you need.