adult fitness programs

we design custom fitness programs for adults over 35.

our programs build strength, increase mobility and help you stay healthier as you age.

we take adult fitness very seriously, and maybe you should too.

this is why.

When you picture a typical older person, one word typically comes to mind: frailty

Even if you can’t really identify any obvious illness, there is something about most elderly people that communicates frailty and weakness.

They tend to walk slowly, move carefully and let others do many ordinary things for them, rather than doing those things themselves.

The reason is age related muscle loss, otherwise known as sarcopenia. And if you are 25 years old or older, it's happening to you already. But you don’t have to take it sitting down.

Sarcopenia refers to the process of losing skeletal muscle mass and strength.  “Sarco” is the Greek word referring to flesh, and “penia” means a reduction in amount. 

Thus, the word describes a progressive weakening of the body caused by a “change in body compensation in favor of fat and at the expense of muscle.”

Everyone, beginning around age 25, starts to lose muscle mass, although symptoms don’t usually appear until around the age of 40.

In fact, around the age of 40, most women will lose almost a half-pound of muscle every year and replace it with fat.

After the age of 65, this process begins to rapidly accelerate.

The result of this gradual loss of muscle is an insidious weakening of the body, loss of balance, loss of confidence upon walking, and a reduced ability to recover from near falls. 

As we lose strength, we become more inactive.  This makes sense, because if we have less muscle, it takes much more effort to move, and we fatigue more easily. 

But also, with loss of strength comes loss of balance and stability.  The fear of falling keeps many people sedentary. 

And a sedentary lifestyle opens the door for chronic illness.

Here's the good news.

“Declines in adult fitness and age related muscle loss can be prevented and even reversed.”

Numerous studies have proven that adult fitness can be restored and lean muscle mass can be rebuilt and sustained with resistance training and proper nutrition.

At any age.

No matter how old you are, it is not too late to start a fitness program for adults.

Even patients in nursing homes have seen transformation.  After strength training, bedridden patients were able to begin walking with walkers, walker-dependent patients graduated to canes, and so on.

And no matter how young you are, it is not too early to start!  By starting early, you can significantly delay the effects of sarcopenia.

As you begin lifting weights as part of your fitness program, you will notice a transformation in your body.

You will have more energy, you will perform everyday tasks with noticeably more ease and your clothes will begin fitting differently, because you will be building muscle and burning up fat deposits.

You will have greater balance and more confidence.

And perhaps best of all is the insurance policy you pay premiums on every time you choose to lift, because you are laying a strong, solid foundation for your later years. You are creating health, independence and the ability to live well, not just long.

Take your muscle back, and get ready to feel better & live better than you ever have!

Here`s how you benefit from a fitness program for adults:

*Biomarkers of Aging

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