adult fitness:
staying fit after 40, 50, 60 and beyond

there's a harsh reality to staying fit, strong and healthy as we age.

sometime in your early 40s, you notice that your body doesn’t work quite the same as it used to.

maybe your strength has diminished, you can move as quickly or maybe you get a litttle bit winded doing basic household chores.

maybe you don’t get up and move as much as you did even just a few years ago, and when you do, joints ache a bit and things feel a little rusty.

This is a normal part of aging called age-related Sarcopenia (muscle loss) which begins as early as age 25.

We all go through it.

Muscle tissue changes from decade to decade.

Muscle mass decreases approximately 3–8% per decade after the age of 30 and this rate of decline in adult fitness and muscle loss is even higher after the age of 60.

Muscle loss can also contribute to limited physical ability, low energy, and decreased metabolism.

Muscle Loss Aging

“Declines in adult fitness and age related muscle loss can be prevented and even reversed.”

Studies have proven that adult fitness can be restored and lean muscle mass can be rebuilt and sustained with resistance training and proper nutrition.

At any age.

adult fitness fit over 40

we call our adult fitness methodology


We’ve simply taken the most effective old school exercises on the planet and combined them with some advanced methodologies to create a very safe, pain free way to achieve maximum results.

it’s safe.

it’s pain free.

it’s effective.

Here`s how you benefit:

*Biomarkers of Aging