safe, pain free, effective fitness for adults 35+

we are evidence based personal trainers and nutrition coaches with a single mission:

your success.

Recking Crew Fitness Fitness & Nutrition 67

Welcome to Recking Crew.

We are a little bit old school around here.


We believe in holistic strength. So we use words like


strength    ♦    courage    ♦   resilience


Actually, they’re words we live by.


Strength to overcome the hardest days and setbacks, physically and mentally.

Courage to own who you are today, and to let nothing stand in your way of becoming who you want to be tomorrow.

Resilience to dust off and rise up when we fall, and to never, ever, stop trying.


Recking Crew Fitness Fitness & Nutrition 67

We're not a fitness fad.

We're the Fitness Revolution!

We wrap traditional evidence based exercises with advanced methodologies and protocols to create a unique training experience that minimizes the potential for injury & elicits far superior results.

♦ We don’t do “named” diets or fad detoxes or cleanses. The science doesn’t support them.

♦ Removing a complete macro from your diet? Nope.

♦ Detoxes or cleanses that have no basis in scientific fact and simply don’t work past a good poop? Nope.

♦ We don’t offer dancercise classes or any of the fad workouts. We’ll be over here with the stuff that’s worked since day 1.

♦ We educate on the importance of strength, agility and mobility and together we FutureProof® your body.

♦ We do not offer supplements in place of education and hard conversations.

♦ We’re grownups. Just like you. Our team of trainers and coaches are aged 40+. So yeah, we know what you’re going through.


what you can expect:

Expert Level Nutrition Coaches & Personal Trainers


Flexible Training Times & Fully Online Options

No Bullsh*t. We're Evidence Based.

what we do best:

Resistance & Weight Training for Adults 35+

FutureProof Your Body - Strength for Life

Science Based Nutrition & Weight Loss

how to get started:


Complete our easy online application. Let us know about any physical limitations, goals & training preferences.


Purchase your personal training package and book your training sessions or Subscribe to an Online Training Package.


Your custom Training Program is designed to accelerate your results, safely. Show up & do the work! We`ve got your back from here out.

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