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personal training & online coaching

we craft custom personal training programs that get results.

for some, their transformation begins rather innocently.

"these jeans are past snug... and i don't remember my butt being... down there."

maybe some noticed that common Canadian chores like cutting the grass or shoveling snow are "getting a little harder and taking a bit longer."

maybe some were feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and thought "this isn't how i wanted to live... there has to be a better way".

there are countless reasons for wanting to live a fitter, healthier life,
but all that matters right now, is that you're ready to begin.


welcome to recking crew fitness.

we help clients of all fitness levels and abilities navigate the path to successfully reaching their personal fitness goals.


taking a scientific & educational approach to personal training, our mission is clear:

"give our members the tools, skills & knowledge required to attain & maintain their personal fitness goals."


for us to accomplish this and ensure our members ultimate success, we built our own Private Online training center.

all members have 24|7|365 uninterrupted access
to their custom training program, virtual assessments, tracking data, online tools, ZOOM coaching and much more.

members have the ability to track BMI, body fat %, body weight, body measurements, waist hip ratio, 1 rep max as well as macros & calories, while Performance tracking (reps, load, heart rate and RPE) per set provides a clear picture of your physical changes over time.

Here are a few of the ways we can help you reach your goals:

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